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Financial Planning

Disability Planning – Speaking With A Specialist

No one is immune to disability & it can happen to anyone unexpectedly. Chris interviews Claudia Englisby, Attorney for Disability Planning Partners, on the importance of speaking to a specialist to prepare for & prevent estate planning pitfalls or any other legal issues that may stem from disabilities.

What Entrepreneurs NEED to Know

Growing a business is one of the main challenges for any entrepreneurs. Vinnie Fisher, an entrepreneur who has over 20 years of experience growing a scaling multiple 8 figure companies, is interviewed on some tips business owners will definitely find useful. Get access to the books for free: fullyaccountable.com/simplyfinancial

Understanding Financial Statements For Your Small Business

Christopher Calandra was recently a guest on the Small Business Radio Show with Barry Moltz, a small business expert. They cover the importance of understanding your financial statements in your business. This episode was clipped directly from Barry’s show.

Small Business Talk – Do’s & Don’ts

There are a lot of things small business owners must do before they get their business truly successful & there comes a time when they just get stuck. Chris interviews small business expert, Barry Moltz on some tips entrepreneurs can use to improve their day to day and ultimately improve their business.

Overcoming The Fear Mindset

This pandemic has created intense stress & fear on the working population. Don’t let that fear stop you from moving forward. Chris & motivational speaker, Heather Hansen O’Neill give some tips on how you can begin battling that fear & take charge over what you can control.

The Truth About Money & Happiness

Money does not equal happiness, but it can seriously affect it. Chris talks to happiness coach, Taylor Proctor on happiness in relation to money & financial planning.

Middle Class Money Strategies

Chris interviews Tyler Green, a podcast host dedicated to helping the middle class save money and control their finances to live their best life. Tyler discusses strategies on how the middle class should think about and manage their money.

The Top 5 Benefits Of A Financial Plan

There are many benefits to planning but the most rewarding one is peace of mind. Chris goes over 5 key benefits of having a financial plan & why it’s important to have one.

Building a Financial Plan in 10 Steps

Set yourself up with a solid financial plan by first thinking about these 10 steps. Chris outlines and explains 10 steps needed to build a strong financial plan.

“Building wealth is a marathon, not a sprint” - Chris Calandra

Resilience When It Matters Most

The key to overcoming today’s challenges is the strength of your resilience. Chris and radio host, Jeff Sherman, have a meaningful discussion on the significance of a person's resilience and how to strengthen it.

An Interview With Teddy Cummins

How has your life shaped your views on money, saving and debt? Chris Interviews Teddy Cummins about his life. They discuss what Teddy has learned about money over the years. He also talks about his change of perception regarding debt. The way in which a person was raised and the experiences they encounter in their adult life both contribute to their views on money, saving and debt.

10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Financial Advisor - Part 2

Chris and Lindy reveal the second 5 factors you need to consider when interviewing a financial advisor. Interviewing a financial advisor is more than just their background, method of compensation, or compliance record. There’s a softer edge of what your trying to figure out. Someone you can have a successful long-term relationship with is a great match.

10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Financial Advisor - Part 1

Chris and Lindy reveal the first 5 factors you need to consider when interviewing a financial advisor. Interviewing a financial advisor is more than just their background, method of compensation, or compliance record. There’s a softer edge of what your trying to figure out. Someone you can have a successful long-term relationship with is a great match.

“It’s an intimate relationship, if it’s done well, with a financial advisor”- Chris Calandra

Black History Month With Gil Cody - Part 2

This is the second of a two-part black history month series. Chris interviews Gil Cody, a retired army veteran of 26 years and an everyday american.

Black History Month With Debby Cody - Part 1

This is the first of a two - part black history month series. Chris interviews Debby Cody, a retired Army veteran of 22 years and an everyday american.
Topics discussed:

  • Growing up in a single-parent multi generational household with 6 siblings. 
  • Her 22-year career in the Army. 
  • Her views on African American financial literacy. 
  • Starting early and paying yourself first. 
  • Working together with your spouse to make and achieve goals. Early retirement.

What to Look For in Your Financial Advisor

Chris goes over what you need to look for when choosing a financial advisor.

Women - An Economic Force With Moneeka Sawyer

Chris interviews life coach, Moneeka Sawyer, on women and their drive in the economy today.

7 Wealth Building Rules With John Hyre - Part 2

Join tax attorney John Hyre and your host Christopher Calandra as they discuss wealth building. Part 2 of 2 part series.

7 Wealth Building Rules With John Hyre - Part 1

Chris talks 7 wealth building rules with tax attorney, John Hyre. Part 1 of 2 part series.

Business Valuation

Chris interviews CPA, David Lake on business valuations. Who does them and are they reliable?

Pivot To Uncertainty

Chris continues his conversation about whats happening in the markets in regards to the Powell Pivot. He also talks about investing in volatile markets.

Goal Attainment with Eric Lopkin

Chris interviews Eric Lopkin on Goal Attainment 

RMD Choices

As over 58 Million baby boomers reach 70 1/2 over next 2 decades, they must deal with the complexities of Required Minimum Distributions. Chris goes over the RMD choices you can take.

Managing An Inheritance

Chris interviews Ronni Seifert Allen about her life and thoughts on money. Ronni had received a sizable inheritance and she explains how she managed that money safely.

Online Entrepreneurship With Kala Philo

Chris interviews Kala Philo, Founder of Mirror Your Brilliance on Video, on female entrepreneurship & her thoughts on money. Mirror Your Brilliance on Video discusses trends in video marketing and female entrepreneurship.

Trends Hitting Financial Advisors

This episode sheds some light on the trends that are impacting financial advisors. Topics include:

  • Retirement crisis
  • Declining costs
  • Holistic planning
  • Security and privacy

Establishing & Maintaining An Emergency Fund

Chris goes over methods of creating and maintaining an emergency fund.
Topics include:

  • How much you should save
  • Why you need an emergency fund
  • Where to put it

Expert Interview Series - Harold "Buddy" Hartmann

Chris interviews Buddy Hartmann, a Certified financial planner and certified public accountant on his financial perspectives.

Topics Discussed

  • CPA Perspective
  • CFP Perspective 
  • Year end tax planning tips

Everyday Americans Series With Tom & Diane Stolz

Tom and Diane Stolz, two everyday Americans, talk about what its like to prepare for retirement and how they got to where they are.
Topics Include:

  • Current retirement
  • Retirement plan
  • Financial background
  • Thoughts & rules on money
  • New advice for younger generations

Top 20 Financial Planning Questions Part 2

The second 10 of 20 top financial planning questions. Questions include:

  1. Is my estate plan up to date?
  2. Have I named my beneficiaries properly?
  3. Can I reduce my tax exposure?
  4. What is my risk tolerance?
  5. Do I know what I own and why?
  6. What are my rates of return?
  7. Is my investment plan current?
  8. What about money is important to me?
  9. If I had 5 years to live, what would I change?
  10. What are my financial goals

Top 20 Financial Planning Questions Part 1

The first 10 of 20 top financial planning questions. Questions include:

  1. Do you know how much you save and spend?
  2. what is your net worth? (Season 1-episode 5)
  3. are you borrowing money efficiently?
  4. how is your 401k / retirement strategy and plan?
  5. how is your emergency fund?
  6. what if something were to happen to you? (Season 1-episode 11)
  7. do you have proper life insurance? (Season 2-episode 12)
  8. Does long term care insurance make sense?
  9. If money were not an object, what would you do
  10. What are 10 of the most important things you want to accomplish on earth?

Moving Forward Financially After the Loss of a Spouse

A holistic approach to dealing with the loss of a spouse. It can be a devastating, life-changing event.  Due to longer life expectancy, women especially are more likely to face this situation.

Our Best Clients - What We Look For In Our Clients

Chris discusses profiles and qualities of potential clients that usually benefit the most from our services.

What is a CFP

Managing finances is a difficult process but with the help and advice of a certified financial planner, you can make the most out of how to deal with your money. Find out what a CFP is and how they can help you.

Prepping For Career & Retirement

Chris interviews couple, Reid & Lynn Dunlap on preparing for retirement.
Questions discussed:

  • What have you learned about money & wealth building along the way?
  • What did you learn about money growing up?  
  • Was your family wealthy, poor, or middle class growing up?
  • What are your money rules? What have been your keys to building wealth?

Financial Goal Setting With Dr. Bridget Cooper

Bridget Cooper is an experienced and dynamic speaker, facilitator, executive coach, and leadership consultant. “Don’t compare your insides to someone else’s outsides”- Dr. Bridget’s caution of social media. Her drive is to help people to be passionate about their work and to reduce unproductive conflict so that they will propel their organizations toward success, create healthy work climates, strong and positive working relationships, and happier clients and customers. The bestselling author of 5 books: Feed The Need, Stuck U., Feed the Need (Teen Edition), Power Play & most recently, Little Landslides, Dr. B brings her down-to-earth insights and action plans to clients and audiences, facilitating powerful change and transformations in work and life satisfaction. 

Marianne Esposito, Retired Exec - AT&T

Chris interviews Marianne Esposito about her journey as a female executive led to financial success.
Topics include: 

  • Marianne's background and career path
  • Experience as a female executive
  • How to retire at a young age
  • Rules for managing money
  • Advice, financial goals, mistakes, splurging

Expert Interview Series With Lindy Brock

Your wealth manager unveiled - Lindy asks Chris 20 questions.

Finding The Right Financial Advisor With Ann Babiarz

Chris interviews Ann Babiarz, founder of Ann Babiarz, LLC Finance and Investing Mastermind Group. They go over what people need to look for when looking for a financial advisor.

What is a CFP?

Chris & special guest Lindy Brock discuss the pros of investing your money with a Certified Financial Planner.

Check the background of this firm/advisor on FINRA’s BrokerCheck.