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Insurance & Estate Planning

Americas Parachute: FDIC & SIPC

Thanks to FDIC & SIPC Insurance, you can feel safe knowing your bank account or brokerage account is protected in the extremely rare event your bank or brokerage firm goes out of business. However, these insurance policies do not affect the loss or gain from an investment. Learn more in this episode of Simply Financial. Learn about how FDIC & SIPC Insurance works and how it protects you.

Real Estate and Syndication With Alina Trigub

Chris interviews Alina Trigub, CEO of SAMO Financial, on what real estate syndication is and how its different than building a portfolio of real estate investments on their own.

Expert Interview with Gwen Bade, Envoy Mortgage

Chris interviews Envoy Mortgage executive, Gwen Bade on what a Non-QM is and how to get approved for a mortgage

7 Wealth Building Rules For Real Estate Investors

Chris goes over the 7 wealth building rules you should think about when investing in real estate.

Real Estate Planning with Michael Giardina

Chris interviews Estate planner, Michael Giardina, about what you need to know about planning your estate.

Why Women Need Life Insurance

This episode seeks to explain why its important for women to have life insurance. Women have more financial responsibilities now than ever before. 

Interview with a Real Estate Investor

Chris interviews Nick Raithel, real estate investor, on real estate investing tips, views, and recommendations.

Nobody Likes Life Insurance

Chris talks about some take-aways and considerations to think about when choosing life insurance.

Expert Interview Series - Estate Planner Michael Giardina

Chris interviews Michael Giardina on estate planning strategies & timelines.

Nobody Likes Life Insurance

Chris talks about some take-aways and considerations to think about when choosing life insurance.

Basics in Estate Planning with Eric Millhorn

In this episode, Chris interviews attorney Eric Millhorn about basics in estate planning. They cover a range of topics including the difference between getting a will & creating an estate plan. Who should have an estate plan? What are the basic “must haves” for everyone? What are the downsides of not doing an estate plan? Why don't people do estate plans? How do you choose an attorney for estate planning? When is it too late to do estate planning? They also touch upon beneficiary designations for accounts such as IRA’s, annuities, 401(k)’s, life insurance and more. 

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