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Investment Basics

Dollar Cost Averaging

Given the current situation in the markets driven by the pandemic, Chris clarifies how Dollar Cost Averaging is a useful investment strategy to defend investors against market volatility.

Emotions & Investment Decisions

Researchers in the field of "Behavioral Finance" study how personal emotions and other cognitive biases can influence decision making.  They have discovered that people don't always make wise choices about money and without thinking things through. Chris talks about how fear and thrill-seeking can influence emotions and ultimately impact decision making.

Year End Planning For Investors

Assessing your financial situation now and discussing potential year-end financial strategies with your advisor can potentially help reaffirm your overall financial plans. Review the coordination of your estate, retirement, investments and tax plans to see if your time horizons and risk tolerance are still aligned with your goals.

7 Wealth Building Rules For Real Estate Investors

Chris goes over the 7 wealth building rules you should think about when investing in real estate.

Invest? Or Pay Off Mortgage?

Chris goes over what to think about when deciding to take out a mortgage.

A Golden Opportunity with Peter Hug

Chris interviews Peter Hug, Director of Global Trade for Kitco Metals Inc on the subject of investing in gold & silver. 

Selling When The Market Drops

Chris goes over whether or not to sell stocks when the market drops.

Interview With A Real Estate Investor

Chris interviews Nick Raithel, real estate investor, on real estate investing tips, views, and recommendations.

Potential Benefits - Dollar Cost Averaging

Chris goes over why the use of Dollar Cost Averaging is a good strategy in terms of investment. Topics include: 

  • Convenience
  • No timing the market
  • Taking advantage of market swings

Dollar cost Averaging is a good strategy but it does not 100% ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

A Historic Look at the Fall

Chris discusses the history of the market. Topics include:

  • Dow S&P 500 Index breaking the record for longest bull market
  • Market Volatility
  • The greatest market falls in history

Become a Millionaire Through Retirement Plan Investing

Chris explains how to plan to become a millionaire by the time of retirement and how the use of 401 (K)s can help.

The Rise of Interest Rates

Chris discusses the rise of interest rates.

When reviewing the current environment for interest rates, almost all analysts are in agreement that they will continue to rise in the future.  Short term interest rates, which in recent years were at historically low levels, have already risen. The Federal Reserve has already increased rates once this year, and at the end of a 2-day policy meeting, on May 2, the Federal Reserve decided unanimously to hold interest rates steady at the target range of 1.5 to 1.75%.  Their notes said this decision was based on inflation recently moving close to the U.S. Central Bank’s target and that, “on a 12-month basis is expected to run near the Committee’s 2% objective over the medium term.”
(Source: reuters.com 5/2/2018)

5 Keys To Investing For Retirement

The 5 keys to investing for Retirement

  1. Don't lose ground to inflation
  2. Consider your time horizon
  3. Consider risk tolerance
  4. Integrate with other financial goals
  5. Don't put your all your eggs in one basket

Rule of 72

Chris goes over what the Rule of 72 is and the power of dividing it by your anticipated rate of return

The Index Revolution

Chris talks about the difference between ETF's & Mutual Funds.

Don't Fear Volatility

Chris discusses his methodology during periods of volatility.

What is a CFP

Managing finances is a difficult process but with the help and advice of a certified financial planner, you can make the most out of how to deal with your money. Find out what a CFP is and how they can help you.

Investment Process Overview

Chris gives an overview on the investment process.

  • Maximize your Returns
  • Understand the fees
  • Grasp change

The Entrepreneurs; Scott Carlson & Brian Dumeer

Discover how these two friends with so much in common, yet some differences as well, can own a business together. Topics Discussed:

  • How do they make it work?  
  • How do "the rules" help their practice? 
  • Managing growth and decision making.

Portfolio Rebalancing in Today's Market

The importance of portfolio rebalancing in today's market. Topics Discussed:

  • What is rebalancing, 
  • how important is it, 
  • How do I rebalance, 
  • What are some of the caveats to rebalancing

Is Your Financial Strategy On Track?

Chris asks the question "Is your financial strategy on track?" Get thinking about what you can do to really get on top of your financial planning. Topics include:

  1. Why you need a financial strategy
  2. How to focus your financial goals
  3. How a financial planner can help
  4. How to monitor your strategy

What is a CFP?

Chris & special guest Lindy Brock discuss the pros of investing your money with a Certified Financial Planner.

Check the background of this firm/advisor on FINRA’s BrokerCheck.