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Achieving Balance

The traditional definition of Work/Life Balance is no longer relevant. The old notion of somehow keeping equilibrium in work and home creates more workaholics than it does help them. The movement from balance to integration, however, does little to address the root of the problem and keeps business owners in the financial industry stuck in the Workaholic Trap. Unfortunately, many firm owners are stuck in the Workaholic Trap and continue to believe the following 3 myths: Balance is doing everything at the same time, Productivity is the magic pill, and Personal Development is the "end all be all". Firm owners would be able to get out of the Workaholic Trap by focusing on their highest priorities in life, setting boundaries and becoming more productive, and working with their built-in accountability partner, their spouse. The twin challenges of running your own firm include chaos and the uphill battle against the financial industry keep many from achieving real balance. Whether you are a CPA, Estate Planning Attorney, Insurance Broker, Real Estate or Mortgage Broker, Investment Advisor, or Comprehensive Financial Planner the struggle for all types of advisors to achieve balance is real. I was a young advisor at 26 when my father, then 49, died suddenly. This life-changing event made me finally realize I needed to get out of the Workaholic Trap and live my life on purpose. I gave up on my band-aid time management hacks and discovered the Make Time Method which has transformed my life so much that made it my life's professional mission to advisors everywhere. After more than a decade of research and experience with hundreds of advisors, this book debunks the 3 Myths of Balance and explains the keys to actually achieving it. This international bestselling book will help advisors through the Make Time Method to fight against the industry and defeat their own Chaos so they can live their ideal life in less than 90 days.

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