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Shining A Spotlight Student Loan Debt

Buyer beware when it comes to spending more than your means because it could financially disrupt more than you think. Chris shines a spotlight on student loan debt & how it pays to weigh all your options.

Talk Money To Your Kids

In today’s education system, learning about personal finance is something that usually goes unsaid. Chris interviews Cody Loughlin, an entrepreneur with over 20 years of financial experience, on the importance of teaching our kids about money.

Motivating Millennials To Invest In Their Futures

Chris interviews millennial podcaster, Michael Cappa, about his life, upbringing, goals, and his mission to help other millennials. They discuss a spending strategy that gauges what you should be spending your money on.

Leadership & Millennials

Millennials are the future of a more efficient and innovative workforce, the question is how? Chris interviews Kevin McGarry, on what they believe really motivates millennials and how they work efficiently. They also discuss how the role of leadership will have to evolve to accommodate the younger generations in the workforce.

A Daughter's Rebuttal

Chris's daughter, Marissa, gives her input on Kids and Money. She references the 5 part series "Battle of the Sexes" (Season 3 Episodes 20 - 24)

Manifesting Money with Cassie Parks

Chris uncovers her process of manifestation which helped her retire at the age of 32.

Battle of the Sexes - Part V of V

Chris interviews his wife on her thoughts on financially educating kids & teenagers.

Battle of the Sexes - Part IV of V

Chris interviews Lindy Brock on money and kids; how to teach kids about good financial decisions.

Battle of the Sexes - Part III of V

Chris interviews Lindy Brock and asks her questions about how she manages her finances in her own household.

Battle of the Sexes - Part II of V

Learn how you can work with your spouse to win with money.

Battle of the Sexes - Part I of V

Chris has a financial discussion with his wife Joelle in this 5 part series. They talk about the finances they experience in their own household.

Changing Jobs? Know your 401 (k) Options

Chris goes over what you need to know about your 401 K when you switch jobs.

Why Women Need Life Insurance

This episode seeks to explain why its important for women to have life insurance. Women have more financial responsibilities now than ever before.

Invest? Or Pay Off Mortgage?

Chris goes over what to think about when deciding to take out a mortgage.

Staying Cool Under Pressure

Chris interviews retiree, Matthew Oblon about how to stay cool under financial pressure. Matthew tells his story and views on money. 

Where's the Recession?

Recession hasn't hit with unemployment at a low. Chris goes over the current state of the country and explains whether or not the country is headed for a recession.

Books with Dave

Chris and Dave Famiglietti, President of New Frontier Armory, recommend and talk about some of the interesting books they read through.
Book list:

  • How to win friends & Influence People
  • The Journals of Lewis and Clark
  • Leaders Eat Last
  • One Man's Wilderness
  • The Power of Habit
  • Why Zebras don't get ulcers
  • The 4-hour work week
  • 21 lessons for the 21st century

Student Debt Crisis Alarm

Chris faces down the student debt crisis in America. He gives great advice for those who want to prepare financially for their child's college.

Secret Savings Accounts Revealed

Chris describes how using an online savings bank can help you make some money off of your emergency fund just from sitting in the account.

Nobody Likes Life Insurance

Chris talks about some considerations to think about when choosing life insurance.

Establishing & Maintaining An Emergency Fund

Chris goes over methods of creating and maintaining an emergency fund.
Topics include:

  • How much you should save
  • Why you need an emergency fund
  • Where to put it

Potential Benefits - Dollar Cost Averaging

Chris goes over why the use of Dollar Cost Averaging is a good strategy in terms of investment.
Topics include: 

  • Convenience
  • No timing the market
  • Taking advantage of market swings

Dollar cost Averaging is a good strategy but it does not 100% ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

Reality Check for Millennials

Chris points out some shocking statistics in relation to millennials. Half of millennials expect to become a millionaire at some stage in their lives.

Everyday Americans Series With Erin Gibney

Chris interviews Erin Gibney, a millennial musician.
Topics Discussed:

  • Her Journey
  • Teens of America
  • Growing up in the Music Industry

Become a Millionaire Through Retirement Plan Investing

Chris explains how to plan to become a millionaire by the time of retirement and how the use of 401 (K)s can help.

Rule of 72

Chris goes over what the Rule of 72 is and the power of dividing it by your anticipated rate of return

What is a CFP

Managing finances is a difficult process but with the help and advice of a certified financial planner, you can make the most out of how to deal with your money. Find out what a CFP is and how they can help you.

Interview with Lauren Forgione - President F&F Concrete Company

A perspective from a female CEO fulfilling her destiny as a third generation leader.

Journey Of A Millennial With Katherine Dumeer

Chris interviews Special Guest Katherine Dumeer, a millennial in the work force. Topics include:

  1. Financial lessons growing up
  2. Current thoughts on money 
  3. Decision to change jobs 
  4. Saving, spending and splurging

Marriage, A Poverty Antidote

Chris explains why marriage is good economics 

Are Millennials Misunderstood?

Chris interviews millennial couple, Courtney & Paul Leones on their financial perspective and story.
Topics include: 

  • Millennial spending, dreams, and concerns
  • Early lesson: pay yourself first
  • Establishing good habits
  • Successes and mistakes along the way

Do Millennials Deserve Their Reputation?

An expert interview with career strategist, Marcia LaReau about millennials.
Topics include:

  • Who are Millennials
  • What is the negative reputation
  • Technology with the millennials
  • Misconceptions
  • Motivators; student debt
  • Millennials being misunderstood

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