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Retirement Planning

Shining A Spotlight Student Loan Debt

Buyer beware when it comes to spending more than your means because it could financially disrupt more than you think. Chris shines a spotlight on student loan debt & how it pays to weigh all your options. 

How To Simplify Your Financial Life Before Retirement

As retirement draws near, life can get complex. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to simplify as much as you can, especially when your finances are involved. 

6 Surprising Retirement Facts No One Tells You About

Retirement is different for everybody, but it does have some common surprises most people will end up dealing with. Don’t be caught off guard!

Retirement Mentality - Think Sensible, Not Frugal

Chris talks to recent retiree, Thomas Macbeth, about how events in his life led up to the point where he’s finally retired.

5 Signs That Indicate You're Ready To Retire

Retirement can be a stressful topic especially when you are trying to find the right time to finally do it. To help prepare you for retirement, here are 5 signs that indicate you are ready to retire.

Benefits of Pre-Tax Contributions

Chris goes over the benefits of making pre-tax contributions to a retirement plan and how they could save you some money on your tax obligations if done properly.

Social Security - When To Start

Is it beneficial to take social security benefits at age 62 or later? Everyone's circumstances are different but in this episode of Simply Financial, Chris Calandra clears up some social security misconceptions that may make listeners want to adjust their strategies. 

Social Security Basics

Chris goes over the basics of social security benefits. He outlines the factors that calculate it, the requirements needed to receive benefits, and how to begin exploring social security all together. 

The US Government CARES Act

Due to the financial downturn from the Coronavirus, the US government has taken steps to give Americans some relief. In this episode of Simply Financial, Chris outlines four beneficial areas of the CARES Act.

A Teacher's Perspective

Chris interviews his friend Harriett on what it’s like for a teacher to handle her own finances & prepare for retirement. Harriett explains her perspective on how she was raised, what influenced her financial decisions, and how she was able to keep financially stable over the years of her career.

2019 SECURE Act - Explained

Chris breaks down the 2019 SECURE Act into the Top 10 things you need to know. 

RMD Choices

As over 58 Million baby boomers reach 70 1/2 over next 2 decades, they must deal with the complexities of Required Minimum Distributions. Chris goes over the RMD choices you can take.

Reaching Retirement? Now What?

Chris goes over exactly what you need to start thinking about as retirement approaches.

A Sneaky Thief

Chris covers Inflation and how it steals from us. 

Trends Hitting Financial Advisors

This episode sheds some light on the trends that are impacting financial advisors.

Charitable Giving from IRA's

Chris goes over what benefits come from charitable giving in IRAs.

Everyday Americans Series; Tom and Diane Stolz

Tom and Diane Stolz, two everyday Americans, talk about what its like to prepare for retirement and how they got to where they are.

Baby Boomers Remain Unprepared

Chris goes over the importance of working with a plan and sound financial advisor. It is the key to retirement preparedness.

Become a Millionaire Through Retirement Plan Investing

Chris explains how to plan to become a millionaire by the time of retirement and how the use of 401 (K)s can help.

5 Keys to Investing For Retirement

Chris breaks down the 5 keys to investing for retirement

  1. Don't lose ground to inflation
  2. Consider your time horizon
  3. Consider risk tolerance
  4. Integrate with other financial goals
  5. Don't put your all your eggs in one basket

Last Minute Retirement Planning Strategies

Chris goes over some retirement planning strategies on the fly.

  1. Save like crazy
  2. Reduce/eliminate debt
  3. Consider where to live
  4. Create budget
  5. Create Income Plan
  6. Develop Investment Plan

Things Women Need To Know About Retirement

Chris and Lindy are together again in this episode of Simply Financial. They discuss the hard facts about women and how they can prepare for retirement.

Prepping For Career & Retirement

Chris interviews couple, Reid & Lynn Dunlap on preparing for retirement.

Questions discussed:

  • What have you learned about money & wealth building along the way?
  • What did you learn about money growing up?
  • Was your family wealthy, poor, or middle class growing up?
  • What are your money rules? What have been your keys to building wealth?

The FOUR Stages of Retirement

Chris covers the phases of retirement to lead you to success in your inevitable financial future. The Four Stages are:

  1. Pre - Retirement
  2. Early Retirement
  3. Final Retirement
  4. Full Retirement

“A good strategy for approaching and preparing for retirement is through a well-executed long-term plan.” - Chris Calandra

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