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Savings Plans

Saving Money With Solar

Saving money with solar is a topic that is becoming more and more popular. Chris interviews James Kennedy, the CEO of Beach Cities Solar Consulting on the subject of how switching to solar can be a smart financial investment whether for commercial use or residential.

Emergency Fund - A Financial Lifesaver

Having an emergency fund can mean the difference between a heavy financial setback and a minor inconvenience. Chris Calandra goes over the importance of emergency funds and how people can go about saving for it. Being prepared for the unexpected financial surprises life throws at us could turn what would have been a major problem into a minor inconvenience. 

6-Minute Marginal Tax Rates

Determining your tax bracket is not as simple as just adding up your income and checking a tax table. Did you know that all of your income is not taxed at the same rate? Chris quickly explains your marginal tax rate and how it is different from your average tax rate.

RMD Choices

Chris explains the 2019 TRACED Act and how it cracks down on Robocalls

Changing Jobs? Know your 401(k) Options

Chris goes over what you need to know about your 401 K when you switch jobs.

Staying Cool Under Pressure

Chris interviews retiree, Matthew Oblon about how to stay cool under financial pressure. Matthew tells his story and views on money.

Secret Savings Accounts Revealed

Chris describes how using an online savings bank can help you make some money off of your emergency fund just from sitting in the account.

College 529 Savings Plan

Chris goes over what a 529 Savings plan is and how it can help parents save money for their child's college. There are many tax advantages to be aware of.

Establishing & Maintaining An Emergency Fund

Chris goes over methods of creating and maintaining an emergency fund.
Topics Include:

  • How much you should save
  • Why you need an emergency fund
  • Where to put it

Inherited (Stretch) IRAs

Chris explains, what a stretch IRA is and how it can benefit you. Topics Include:

  • Call to action
  • Key provisions
  • Primary Benefits (Control, Flexibility, Transferable)

Charitable Giving From IRA's

Chris goes over what benefits come from charitable giving in IRAs.
Topics include:

  • How IRA's work
  • Benefits
  • Planning

For more information, refer to RMD Podcast - Season 2 Episode 36

Potential Benefits - Dollar Cost Averaging

Chris goes over why the use of Dollar Cost Averaging is a good strategy in terms of investment.  Topics include: 

  • Convenience
  • No timing the market
  • Taking advantage of market swings

Dollar cost Averaging is a good strategy but it does not 100% ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

Exciting World of Required Minimum Distributions

Chris explains what a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) is and how it works.
Topics include:

  • What are RMD's-Retirement Accounts?
  • First distribution rules, how are RMDs calculated?
  • Are there penalties? 
  • How is formula applied to multiple accounts? 
  • Options for the proceeds

Flashes of Light With Ann Babiarz

Chris interviews life coach, Ann Babiarz. She discusses how to deal with life crisis. Ann is the author of Flashes of Light: A Life Coach’s Compelling Memoir of Strokes & Cancer Survival that equips listeners to “Reboot” their life when any form of chaos strikes.

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