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The Economy & The Market

2021 Mid Year Economic Update

Will the US economy & stock markets continue its strong growth or is there a crash on the way? Listen to this recording of Christopher Calandra CFP® webinar on a mid-year economic update.

4 Drivers For The 2021 Real Estate Market

With the 2021 real estate market being such a popular topic, Chris sums up everything he has learned about why & how this market went from where it was to becoming red hot.

Exploring An Investor’s Perspective - The 2021 Real Estate Market

Chris discusses the 2021 real estate market at the macro level with multifamily real estate investor, Jason Yarusi.

3 Concerning Data Points – An Economic Update

Covid-19 caused a lot of damage to our roaring economy & what we are seeing in the stock markets predict a healthy recovery. However, we recently heard a few concerning statistics that may say otherwise.

Is The Real Estate Market In A Bubble?

The real estate market seems like it’s in a bubble, but there is statistical evidence against that theory as well. Chris interviews Realtor & CEO, Byron Lazine on the what’s happening in today’s real estate market.

Supply & Demand In The Housing Market

Chris interviews realtor Dana Flanagan on what’s going on in the current housing market & how supply & demand plays into it all.

Jobs Are Booming

Today’s job market is growing at a fast rate considering the hole that COVID-19 dug it in in 2020.

Inflation Returns?

Chris goes into some depth on whether inflation may or may not return. It is definitely something we need to watch out for.

A Look Ahead To 2021

Chris & retired financial advisor, Dean Nicholson discuss the current state of the market & economy, where its trending, & what Is affecting it.

Summing Up The US Economy

Christopher Calandra & Lindy Brock had the pleasure of hearing former federal reserve chairmen, Ben Bernanke & Janet Yellen’s thoughts on the current US economy. They discussed our country’s national debt, inflation, & interest rates.

The Truth About US National Debt

There is a lot of fear surrounding America’s national debt because it is so high, however that isn’t really the full picture. We have a country like no other when it comes to managing our massive debt and this episode explains exactly why that’s the case.

There Is No Alternative – The TINA Effect In Today’s Markets

“There Is No Alternative” or TINA for short, is a phrase that may explain the recent behaviors in today’s markets.

The Truth Behind The 2020 Election

Election time is usually a very frightening period for many Americans. The social divide, the uncertainty of the future, and not to mention the markets. This episode presents the historical facts & stats about the US elections their relation to the markets.

Finally Some Optimism – An Update On Small Business

Chris goes over a small business economic trends study from the month of September 2020. Due to the uncertainty in the economy because of the damaging effects of COVID-19, this report is meant to show how optimistic small business owners currently are and that the economy is in recovery mode.

The Federal Reserve – How It Works

What exactly is the Federal Reserve, how does it work, and what does it even do? Chris talks about the roles that the Fed plays for the country & the American people.

Coronavirus America – The 2020 Economy Part 2

This episode is part 2 of a 2 part series where Chris interviews Chartered Financial Analyst ™, Andrew Opdyke, on the current economic situation in 2020. Andrew and Chris expand on the federal reserve’s response to COVID-19, our national debt, some thoughts on Inflation, & the 2020 presidential elections.

Coronavirus America – The 2020 Economy Part 1

This episode is part 1 of a 2 part series where Chris interviews Chartered Financial Analyst ™, Andrew Opdyke, on the current economic situation in 2020. Andrew and Chris go into some serious detail on how COVID-19 impacted the economy, the markets, the media, and unemployment in the United States.

2020 Mid-Year Economic Update

Chris interviews economist Dean Nicholson on a mid-year Economic Update for 2020. They discuss how the US economy has done during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Q2, the current path the economy is on, & what is affected by it. 

Today's Pandemic Versus Tomorrows Economy

Chris interviews retired financial Advisor and economist, Dean Nicholson on topics related to the current event driven economic collapse. Together they both try and shed some light on where they believe the United States Economy will be in the near future & why. 

Q1 2020 Investor Update Webinar Special

In this special edition episode, Chris hosts a webinar that outlines some major aspects about the current state of the economy after the impact of COVID 19.

Robocalls - A Pain in the Blank

Chris explains the 2019 TRACED Act and how it cracks down on Robocalls

The Coronavirus Drives A Market Sell-Off

The market experienced a big sell-off on February 24 & 25, 2020. Should you be worried?

Chris breaks down the recent market sell-off driven by the Coronavirus. He compares this sell-off to others we have experienced over time and offers some advice on how to handle the sell-off. If you have listened to the media coverage on the Coronavirus and are considering making an emotional investment decision, you need to listen to this episode.

“Please avoid emotional decisions based on media magnification”
- Chris Calandra CFP™

A Year in Review with Dean Nicholson

Chris does a review of the year with CFP Dean Nicholson. After a year of fruitless economic worries, the expansion still has momentum. Tensions with China are finally easing, and the summer’s heated rhetoric had little impact on trade flows. The treasury yield curve inverted steeply before flattening, leaving little discernible impact on the real economy. Headwinds slowed the manufacturing sector but barely affected the overall expansion. 

The top of this business cycle has been confusing. Past expansions saw much faster growth, but the aging workforce has changed the rules of economic prosperity. The last recession masked America’s demographic transformation—for a full decade, slack in the labor market hid the impact of baby-boomer retirements. But now that the US is back to full employment, the aging workforce may only be able to sustain a 2% pace of GDP growth. Unemployment is at a record low and productivity at a record high. Slowing growth isn’t a sign of weakness: what matters more than GDP is how close the economy is to its full potential. 

The Power Of The US Job Market

Chris goes over the job market data & the unemployment rate for 2019

Phases of Business Continuation Planning

Chris goes over the 3 phases of business continuation planning. Valuation, Succession, & Agreement.

The Pivot Continues

Call it the “Powell Put” or the “Powell Pivot” or something else, but the Federal Reserve chairman’s recent change in approach to monetary policy is reverberating through the markets.

In just a matter of a few months, central bank chief Jerome Powell has evolved from a hawk on interest rates — in favor of pushing them higher — to a seeming dove intent at the very least on waiting to see how conditions evolve before making another move.

Trade War Hysteria

Chris focuses this episode on the effects of the trade war with china and how he believes it will affect our economy.

A Decade of Growth

Chris goes over the economic expansion passing the 10 year mark in June 2019

Pivot to Uncertainty

Chris continues his conversation about whats happening in the markets in regards to the Powell Pivot. He also talks about investing in volatile markets. 

The Powell Pivot

Chris discusses what happened in the markets, why it happened, and what to do next. 

2019 Midyear Economic Update

Chris gives a midyear economic update for 2019 with Dean Nicholson.

Where's the Recession?

Recession hasn't hit with unemployment at a low. Chris goes over the current state of the country and explains whether or not the country is headed for a recession.

Selling When The Market Drops

Chris goes over whether or not to sell stocks when the market drops.

The Market's Wild Ride

Chris goes over the roller coaster market fluctuations of 2017 through all of 2018.

A Sneaky Thief

Chris covers Inflation and how it steals from us. 

What The Heck Happened?

Chris and Dean Nicholson give some helpful information about the market's volatility

Latest News In The Mortgage Market

Chris interviews guest Jeremy Hyatt of Envoy Mortgage on the latest news in the mortgage markets. 

Topics include:

  • The 5 C's (Key Metrics)
  • Best advice
  • Credit scores and better deals
  • Future of interest rates and impact on home values
  • Technology

2018 Mid-year Economic Update

2018 Midyear Economic Update

Topics Include:

  • Protection
  • Retirement
  • Investments
  • Tax Planning & Estate Planning

State of Change

Chris discusses the state of change in the country & how that affects the markets

Topics include:

  • Interest Rates (See Episode 2-21 "The Rise of Interest Rates"), 
  • Strong Job Market
  • Tax Reform (See Episode 2-11 "Planning for 2018 Including Tax Law Update")
  • Deregulation
  • Trade Policy 

The Rise of Interest Rates

Chris discusses the rise of interest rates.

When reviewing the current environment for interest rates, almost all analysts are in agreement that they will continue to rise in the future.  Short term interest rates, which in recent years were at historically low levels, have already risen. The Federal Reserve has already increased rates once this year, and at the end of a 2-day policy meeting, on May 2, the Federal Reserve decided unanimously to hold interest rates steady at the target range of 1.5 to 1.75%.  Their notes said this decision was based on inflation recently moving close to the U.S. Central Bank’s target and that, “on a 12-month basis is expected to run near the Committee’s 2% objective over the medium term.”
(Source: reuters.com 5/2/2018) 

The Index Revolution

Chris talks about the difference between ETF's & Mutual Funds. 

Volatility Is Back

Chris explains the market's current situation and gives advice on what you could or should do because of it.

Looking Ahead To 2018

Chris gives an overview of 2017 and discusses what 2018 is looking like.
Topics Discussed:

  • 2017 in Review-Stocks
  •  Bonds
  • Lack of volatility
  • Economy
  • Transitioning into 2018 – “Proceed with Caution” 
  • Interest rate changes
  • Tax Reform
  • Stock Market Volatility
  • Economic Growth

The Untold Economic Growth Story

The Untold and Overlooked Economic Growth & Optimism Story


  • Unemployment
  • Consumer Confidence Improving
  • Economic Growth Accelerating 

2017 Mid-year Economic Update

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