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Tax Planning

Higher Taxes Are On The Way

With the new Biden administration comes proposals for higher taxes. The way the government is looking today shows that there is a very good chance they will make it more expensive for wealthier individuals.

IRS Tax Deadline Extended!

The IRS changed the tax deadline date from April 15th 2021 to May 17th 2021. This may be both a blessing & a curse for tax preparers. 

Potential Tax Law Changes Proposed By The New Biden Administration

With the new Biden Administration, there is so much information out there to digest.  Here are some potential tax law changes you should be aware of to help you be tax efficient.

View the webinar with the presentation slides

Elections Have Consequences

Every election has consequences in terms of laws, regulations, & taxes that can affect your wallet. Chris explains a few examples of what may change due to elections & how they can affect your financial situation.

2020 Year End Tax Planning Workshop

Chris hosts a webinar that details some need to know tax planning information for the end of 2020.

6-Minute Marginal Tax Rates

Determining your tax bracket is not as simple as just adding up your income and checking a tax table. Did you know that all of your income is not taxed at the same rate? Chris quickly explains your marginal tax rate and how it is different from your average tax rate.

RMD Choices

As over 58 Million baby boomers reach 70 1/2 over next 2 decades, they must deal with the complexities of Required Minimum Distributions. Chris goes over the RMD choices you can take.

Inherited (Stretch) IRAs

Chris explains, what a stretch IRA is and how it can benefit you. Topics Include:

  • Call to action
  • Key provisions
  • Primary Benefits (Control, Flexibility, Transferable)

Tax Reform: Winners and Losers

A synopsis from Chris on the big winners and losers of the tax reform.

Expert Interview Series - Harold "Buddy" Hartmann

Chris interviews Buddy Hartmann, a Certified financial planner and certified public accountant on his financial perspectives. Topics Discussed

  • CPA Perspective
  • CFP Perspective 
  • Year end tax planning tips

Exciting World of Required Minimum Distributions

Chris explains what a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) is and how it works. 

Topics include:

  • What are RMD's-Retirement Accounts?
  • First distribution rules, how are RMDs calculated?
  • Are there penalties? 
  • How is formula applied to multiple accounts? 
  • Options for the proceeds 

Planning for 2018 Including: A Tax Law Update

Information you should know when financially planning. Topics Discussed:

  • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)
  • Quick Market Update
  • Planning Strategies
  • Q&A

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